Safety Data Sheets

350ml Pacific Spa Range

Body Wash

Hand Soap

Hair Shampoo


BioProtect Drain Cleaner

BioProtect Multi-Purpose Cleaner

BioProtect Multi-Purpose Cleaner with Mint Fragrance

Tissue Products

Pacific Hygiene Hand Towels

Pacific Hygiene Roll Toilet Tissue

Pacific Hygiene Facial Tissue

Pacific Hygiene Deluxe & Classic Single Sheet & Jumbo Roll Toilet Tissue

Soaps & Sanitising Systems

AB1000 Pacific Hygiene Ocean Foam Antibacterial

FU1000 Pacific Hygiene Ocean Foam Frequent Use

HB1000 Pacific Hygiene Ocean Rain Hair & Body Wash

HL400 Pacific Hygiene Ocean Rain Hand Lotion

HL1000 Pacific Hygiene Ocean Foam Hand Lotion

SN400 Pacific Hygiene Ocean Rain Sanitiser

SN1000 Pacific Hygiene Ocean Rain Sanitiser

HD4000 Ocean Rain Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

Isoshield Fragrance - Hand & Surface Cleaner, Sanitiser & Protectant

Isoshield No Fragrance - Hand & Surface Cleaner, Sanitiser & Protectant

IsoPro3 - Cleaner, Sanitiser and Antimicrobial Protectant

ISO Outdoor Cleaner


Air Freshener

Draco-Pref3000 Ocean Zone Odour Control


Disposable Gloves

Hytec Latex Low Powder

Hytec Latex Powder Free

Hytec Nitrile Low Powder Gloves

Hytec Nitrile Powder Free Gloves

Hytec Vinyl Low Powder and Powder Free Gloves



Pacific Green Recycled Hand Towels and Toilet Tissue



Sorb-X All Task

Sorb-X Centrefeed Wipers

Sorb-X Colourtex Wiper

Sorb-X Multi Cloth

Sorb-X Endurance Wipe

Sorb-X Kitchen Towels

Sorb-X Print Wipe

Sorb-X Scrim Wipe

Sorb-X Wipeout Reg Hd Anti-Bacterial

Sorb-X Surface Wipe