Specialty Cleaners

BioProtect FOG Eliminator (Fats, Oils and Grease)

BioProtect Surface Spray Disinfectant

BioProtect Industrial Treatment

IsoShield - 3 in 1 Hand Sanitiser, Touchpoint Cleaner & Protectant

IsoPro3 - 3 in 1 Cleaner, Sanitiser and Antimicrobial Protectant

IsoOutdoor  - Moss, Mould, Algae and Mildew Control


Hand Dryer and Air Purifier

iAm Sanitising Air Dryer - Part 1iAm Sanitisng Air Dryer - Part2

iAm Air Purifier - Part 1iAm Air Purifer - Part 2


Air Freshener

Oxy-Gen-Pro Brochure

Oxy-Gen Fragrance Location Guide

Oxy-Gen Carbon Footprint approved



Urinal Tablets with BioProtect

Urinal Screens brochure


Sanitary Bins & Waste Bins

PodPetite Brochure

PodPetite Wrap/Cover Brochure

PodPetite Features and Benefits Brochure

Sanitary Bio Bin

Waste Bins


Rubbish Bags

Pacific Bags


Disposable Gloves, Clothing, Couch Rolls & Underpads

Hytec Couch Roll & Underpad Brochure

Hytec Disposable Clothing Range

Hytec Glove Brochure


Sustainable product range

FSC Product List

Green Recycled Range

Sustainability Brochure


Soap and Sanitiser Range

Ti-Fon Hand Cleaners

Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitiser

Ocean Care Brochure

Pacific Spa 350ml Dispenser & Soap Brochure

PullClean Door Handle



Hand Towel, Facial Tissue and Toilet Tissue range

Pacific AutoSense/AutoCut Hand Towel

Pacific Hand Towel

Pacific Classic Range

Pacific Deluxe Range

Pacific Pearl Range

Pacific Interleaved Toilet Tissue

Pacific Jumbo Toilet Tissue

Pacific Mini Jumbo Toilet Tissue

Pacific Facial Tissue Range


Wiper Range

SorbX Centrefeed Wiper

SorbX All Task Wiper

SorbX Colour Coded Wiping System

SorbX Colourtex Wiper

SorbX Endurance Wiper

Sorb X Half Wipe brochure

SorbX Kitchen Towel

SorbX Multi Cloth

SorbX Prep Wipe

SorbX Print Wipe

SorbX Scrim Wipe

SorbX Wipeout

SorbX Surface Wipe

Cheeky Kiwi Baby Wipes


Stainless Steel Dispensers & Table Top Dispenser range

Stainless Steel Brochure

Table Top Hand Towel Dispenser Brochure