Equal Employment Opportunity


The purpose of this policy is to outline Pacific Hygiene’s commitment to equal employment opportunity, diversity, and inclusion and the elimination of barriers that cause or perpetuate inequalities in employment.



Pacific hygiene is committed too:

Providing equality of opportunity in employment irrespective of a person’s sex, gender, gender identity, marital status, religious beliefs, ethical belief, colour, race, ethnic or national origins, disability, age, political opinion, employment status, family status or sexual orientation.

Developing and maintaining a workplace culture that values and supports diversity.

Identifying and eliminating any institutional barriers that cause or perpetuate, or tend to cause or perpetuate, inequality in respect of the employment of any person or group of persons.

Ensuring that all policies and practices uphold the principle of equal employment opportunity.

Ensuring that all staff appointments are made solely on the basis of merit and that all promotions, advancements, salary reviews and professional/career development opportunities are based solely on merit.

Subject to the above, improving employment opportunities for groups who are traditionally underrepresented in either occupational groups or levels of seniority, in particular, women, Maori and Pacific people.



The Executive Leadership Team is responsible for ensuring that all practices and procedures that apply to the staff for whom they are responsible are consistent with this policy.

Any breaches or perceived breaches should be reported to the Managing Director.