Equality, Diversity, & Inclusion Policy


1.1 Pacific Hygiene operates in almost all industries in New Zealand. We prioritize and celebrate diversity in our workplace to create an all-inclusive space that gives all our employees equal opportunities to utilize each of their individual backgrounds and qualities to add the most value they can to Pacific Hygiene.

1.2 This policy outlines our commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion and sets forth the guidelines and expectations for all employees.



2.1 This policy applies to all employees, contractors, suppliers, and business partners associated with Pacific Hygiene.



3.1 Equal Opportunities

3.1.1 We are dedicated to providing equal opportunities for all employees, regardless of their age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or any other characteristic protected by applicable laws. Our recruitment, selection, promotion, and training processes are designed to be fair, transparent, and based on merit, ensuring that individuals are evaluated solely on their qualifications and abilities.

3.2 Respectful and Inclusive Culture

3.2.1 We aim to cultivate a culture of respect, understanding, and inclusion within Pacific Hygiene. We expect all employees to treat each other with dignity, courtesy, and professionalism, fostering an atmosphere where differences are embraced, and diversity is celebrated. Discrimination, harassment, bullying, or any form of inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.

3.3 Training and Development

3.3.1 We are committed to providing ongoing training and development opportunities to enhance employees' understanding of equality, diversity, and inclusion. We will promote awareness and educate our workforce on the value of diversity, biases, stereotypes, and strategies for fostering an inclusive environment. This training will be provided to all employees at various stages of their employment, including during onboarding and at regular intervals throughout their careers.



4.1 Diversity: Refers to the wide range of attributes, characteristics, and qualities that make individuals unique and different from each other. These include, but are not limited to, factors such as religion, race, ethnicity, language, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, and any other characteristic protected by laws against discrimination. At Pacific Hygiene, we are committed to embracing and respecting these differences, treating all individuals equally and promoting a culture of inclusivity.

4.2 Inclusion: Refers to the active and intentional practices and behaviors that foster an environment where all individuals feel valued, respected, and included in workplace activities, decision-making processes, and opportunities. It involves creating a sense of belonging and ensuring that everyone has equal access to resources, benefits, and professional growth. By promoting inclusion, we aim to create a work environment that encourages collaboration, embraces diverse perspectives, and values the contributions of every individual.

4.3 Unlawful Discrimination: Any form of differential treatment or exclusion that unjustly disadvantages certain individuals or groups based on their age, marital status, gender, religion, ethnic origin, ethical beliefs, color, race, employment status, disability (including physical or mental illness), sexual orientation, political opinion or family status.



5.1 We encourage employees to report any incidents, concerns, or observations related to discrimination, harassment, or any potential violation of this policy. We assure employees that they can raise such issues without fear of retaliation.

5.2 Reported incidents will be promptly and thoroughly investigated, and appropriate action will be taken to address and resolve the situation in accordance with our disciplinary procedures.


Governance and Maintenance

6.1 Policy Location

6.1.1 This policy is published and accessible to all on our website.


6.2 Review Timetable

6.2.1 This policy will be reviewed yearly to ensure its effectiveness and alignment with best practices and legal requirements. We will seek feedback from employees and stakeholders to continuously improve our equality, diversity, and inclusion initiatives.


7.1 Pacific Hygiene is committed to fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace where every employee feels valued, respected, and supported. Harnessing and embracing the power of diversity will lead to increased innovation, creativity, and success for our company. By adhering to this policy, we can create an environment that encourages collaboration, equal opportunities, and mutual respect among all individuals within our organization.