Sustainable Procurement Policy


1.1 At Pacific Hygiene, we are committed to conducting ethical and sustainable business practices, including the procurement of hygiene consumables manufactured using paper and plastic materials. We recognize the significant environmental and social impacts associated with this industry. This Sustainable Procurement Policy outlines our commitment to sourcing and distributing hygiene consumables in an environmentally responsible and socially conscious manner.


2.1 This policy applies to all procurement activities related to sustainable products conducted by Pacific Hygiene. It encompasses the sourcing, evaluation, selection, and ongoing management of suppliers to ensure adherence to sustainable practices.


3.1 Sustainable Supplier Selection:

3.1.1 We will prioritize suppliers who demonstrate a commitment to sustainability, including environmentally responsible sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution practices.

3.1.2 We will assess suppliers based on their environmental credentials, certifications, and compliance with relevant sustainability standards.

3.2 Environmental Impact Considerations:

3.2.1 We will consider the environmental impact of our products throughout their life cycle, including raw material sourcing, production processes, packaging, transportation, and end-of-life disposal.

3.2.2 Preference will be given to suppliers who minimize environmental harm by using recycled materials, reducing energy and water consumption, and employing eco-friendly manufacturing and packaging practices.

3.2.3 Refer to Environmental Policy

3.3 Social Responsibility:

3.3.1 We will give preference to suppliers who uphold fair labor practices, promote worker health and safety, and respect human rights.

3.3.2 Suppliers should demonstrate a commitment to diversity, inclusion, and ethical treatment of workers throughout their supply chains.

3.3.3 Refer to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy, Modern Slavery and Child Labour Policy and Anti-Corruption Policy


4.1 Sustainable Procurement: The process of sourcing goods and services that meet the organization's needs while considering the environmental, social, and economic impacts associated with their production, use, and disposal.


5.1 Supplier Evaluation and Monitoring:

5.1.1 We will regularly evaluate suppliers based on their adherence to this policy and sustainability criteria.

5.1.2 Ongoing monitoring of supplier performance will be conducted to ensure compliance with sustainable practices.

5.2 Collaboration and Improvement

5.2.1 We will engage in constructive dialogue with suppliers to encourage the adoption of sustainable practices and drive continuous improvement in their operations.

5.2.2 We will provide support and resources to assist suppliers in enhancing their sustainability efforts.

Governance and Maintenance

6.1 Policy Location

6.1.1 This policy is published and accessible to all on our website.


6.2 Review Timetable

6.2.1 This policy will undergo yearly reviews to ensure its effectiveness and alignment with best practices and legal obligations. We are committed to seeking feedback from employees and stakeholders to continuously enhance our sustainable procurement initiatives.


7.1 At Pacific Hygiene, we are committed to procuring products in a manner that aligns with our sustainable and environmental goals. Through the adoption of this Sustainable Procurement Policy, we aim to minimize our environmental footprint, promote social responsibility, and contribute to a more sustainable future. By working collaboratively with suppliers, employees, and stakeholders, we can drive positive change in the hygiene consumable industry and fulfill our commitment to sustainability.