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Pacific Hygiene's new range of Quartz Dispensers: Functional, innovative, and stylish

Pacific Hygiene's new range of Quartz Dispensers: Functional, innovative, and stylish

Pacific Hygiene's newly launched range of quartz dispensers reflects the evolution in the design and functionality of hygiene products in a modern post-pandemic world, where a dispenser's appearance is as important as its functionality.

An attractive commercial washroom, toilet or bathroom contributes to the overall customer or staff experience, which means it is just as important that your soap dispensers make a good impression—you want hygiene products to look good and work well in a way that makes users feel safe, clean and hygienic.

Old, white, scuffed, wheezing dispensers are useless to your business and the user. As industrial design engineer Eric Chalko puts it, "...dispensers should fit within the space without creating any adverse effect. In some cases, that might mean they should be attractive and eye-catching.

"Aesthetics influence users' feelings towards product quality and reliability, which can make us feel cared for and ultimately valued," he says.

The Quartz range introduces several types оf dispensers, including soap dispensers, sanitiser dispensers, and a variety of towel dispensers such as the AutoSense and Autocut models. The series also features specialised items like the Double Coreless Toilet Roll Dispensers and the Foam Soap Dispensers with automatic functionality.

Each model in the Quartz range is designed with a distinct aesthetic, characterised by clean lines and a sleek, modern look that can blend seamlessly into a variety of environments—from commercial spaces to high-end bathrooms.

The products are available in both black and white, facilitating their integration into different design palettes. The attention to detail is evident in features like the Pantone colour-printed hand symbols on certain models, ensuring both functionality and visual appeal.

Dispensers have evolved significantly since their inception. Initially patented in 1865 by William Shepphard, the concept of a liquid soap dispenser was simple and required manual operation. Since then, technological advancements have led to the development of automatic and sensor-based dispensers, which reduce the need for physical contact and thereby enhance hygiene.

This is particularly critical in a post-pandemic world where the emphasis on sanitation has become paramount.

The introduction of automatic dispensers, dating back to a pivotal patent in 1991 by Guey-Chaun Shiau, marked a significant improvement in public health safety by minimising contact with dispensing devices. Today, Pacific Hygiene continues this tradition of innovation with the Quartz range, which includes manual and automatic models designed to meet specific user needs and preferences.

The Quartz Dispensers will be available for purchase through Pacific Hygiene's distribution channels across New Zealand. This launch is not just about a new product line—it is about setting new standards for health and hygiene, reflecting Pacific Hygiene's commitment to innovation and quality in every product.