Oxygen-Pro Air Freshess System

The Oxygen-Pro cartridges are available in a wide range of fragrances and are compliant with CARB, EU, IFRA & REACH regulations. The cartridge contains 35ml of pure fragrance oil, that is approximately 7 times more fragrance oil than a standard can.

The fragrance intensity can be changed to a strong (30 days), normal (60 days) or (90 days) mild scent.

Effective fragrant odour control - All cartridges contain Neutra-lox, our proprietary odour eliminator ingredient that is extremely effective against the smell of urine, faeces, body odour, tabacco, pet malodor, mold and mildew, etc.

Safe - With no added solvents and no alcohols, cartridges contain 100% pure fragrance oil and are a safe choice for any facility. Since the cartridges are not pressurised containers, they are safe to transport and store.

Eco-friendly - Unlike aerosols, the Oxygen-Pro system does not contain any CFCs, has no added VOC's or propellants, no 'spray and fade effect' and 'no noise'. A fresh, constant level of fragrance is released continuously, consistantly and discreetly. The cartridges can be safely disposed of in a plastic recycling bin at the end of the cartridge life.

Available in the following fragrances...