Kemsol Rejuvenate Laundry Presoak

Kemsol Rejuvenate Laundry Presoak



Kemsol Rejuvenate Laundry Presoak is a powerful solution crafted to revitalise heavily soiled fabrics before washing. With potent cleaning agents, it effectively penetrates and loosens tough stains, dirt, and grime from fabrics, ensuring thorough cleaning results. Ideal for commercial laundry facilities, hotels, and healthcare settings, it's perfect for pre-treating heavily soiled linens, towels, and garments. This oxygen-releasing laundry agent cleans and sanitises clothes, nappies, and fabrics, hygienically removing stains and odours while providing extra brightness. Note: Not suitable for use on woollens, silks, or garments containing metal.


Available Sizes: 5kg & 10kg

Sold Individually


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