Kemsol Stain-Enz Pre Spotter 5L

Kemsol Stain-Enz Pre Spotter 5L


Kemsol Stain-Enz Pre Spotter in a convenient 5L container is a powerful and effective solution for tackling tough stains before washing. Formulated with enzymatic agents, Stain-Enz Pre Spotter effectively breaks down and loosens stubborn stains, making them easier to remove during the washing process. Ideal for use in commercial laundry facilities, hotels, and healthcare settings, Kemsol Stain-Enz Pre Spotter ensures thorough stain removal and pristine results. Designed for use in conjunction with the Kemsol laundry system and safe on most common fabrics and linen varieties. Do not use on silk, woollen or other delicates.




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