Oxygen Pro Grande Cartridge - Tang

Oxygen Pro Grande Cartridge - Tang


Discover unparalleled odour control with the Oxygen Pro Grande Cartridge in Tang fragrance. With intensely fruity perfume with hints of orange supported by warm spices, this scent is ideal for use in gyms and washrooms. Powered by Oxy-Gen, this system guarantees continuous fresh scent and effective odour control. The advanced technology, based on pharmaceutical-grade fuel cell technology, ensures precise and consistent fragrance delivery throughout the cartridge's life.

Compliant with CARB, EU, IFRA & REACH regulations, the cartridge contains 35ml of pure fragrance oil, providing approximately 7 times more fragrance than standard cans. Adjust the fragrance intensity to your preference - strong (30 days), normal (60 days), or mild (90 days).

Effective fragrant odour control is enhanced by Neutra-lox, a proprietary odour eliminator effective against various odours. The cartridge is safe, containing no added solvents or alcohols, making it suitable for any facility. Its eco-friendly design excludes CFCs, VOCs, or propellants, offering a constant, discreet, and noise-free release of fragrance. After use, safely dispose of the cartridge in a plastic recycling bin.

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