Pacific Premium Slim Towel - 2 Ply

Pacific Premium Slim Towel - 2 Ply


The Pacific Premium Slim Hand Towel, a part of the Pacific Premium range that includes the Ultra, Trim, and Slim options. This Hand Towel range is not only cost-effective but also practical, making it suitable for various applications, especially in moderate to high-traffic areas of industries. This towel combines superior quality with excellent drying performance, the two ply micro embossed towel providing the look and feel you expect from a premium product. The Pacific Premium Slim Hand Towel is unbleached and chlorine-free, underlining its commitment to sustainability.


Fits Dispensers: D55B, D55W, D56B, D56W, DX55, D61W, D61B

23cm x 21cm

150 Sheets/Pack

12 Packs/Case

Sold in Cases


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