Rubbermaid 121.9cm Microfibre Fringed Hall Dust Pad

Rubbermaid 121.9cm Microfibre Fringed Hall Dust Pad


The HYGEN™ Microfiber Dust Pads with Fringe are strategically crafted to enhance the cleanliness and safety of healthcare facilities, mitigating the risk of costly Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs). Featuring high-quality, 16-split microfiber, these pads deliver a superior clean by efficiently trapping and locking away dust, dirt, and debris. The patented zig-zag design, composed of polyester, adds scrubbing power to the cleaning process. Fringed edges significantly increase the surface area, resulting in faster and more productive cleaning. The industry-leading loop back, made of 100% polyester, ensures secure attachment to the frame even after laundering.


Compatible with Rubbermaid 121.9cm Quick Connect Frame (FGQ59000YL00)


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