Rubbermaid 45.7cm Microfiber Dry Room Dust Mop

Rubbermaid 45.7cm Microfiber Dry Room Dust Mop


HYGEN™ Microfiber Dust Pads are meticulously crafted to aid Healthcare facilities in mitigating the risk of expensive HAIs by upholding cleaner and safer environments, bolstering efficacy, and enhancing worker productivity. Featuring high-quality, 16-split microfiber, these pads delve deeper for a superior clean, efficiently trapping and locking away dust, dirt, and debris. Their patented zig-zag design, fabricated from polyester, offers added scrubbing power. With an industry-leading loop back made of 100% polyester, they securely attach to frames, ensuring durability even after laundering. Additionally, their double finished edges maintain mop shape over time, ensuring lasting performance.


Compatible with Rubbermaid 45.7cm Quick Connect Frame (FGQ56000YL00)


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