Rubbermaid 45.7cm Microfiber Scrubber Mops

Rubbermaid 45.7cm Microfiber Scrubber Mops


The HYGEN™ Microfiber Super Scrubber Wet Pad is purposefully designed to facilitate the removal of stubborn spots and reach into grout lines for efficient maintenance of a clean environment. Its vertical polypropylene scrubber stripes effectively tackle tough spots and grime in tile grout lines. Featuring double-finished edges and coloured edge tape, this wet pad maintains its shape and durability over time. Tested to withstand 200 launderings to CDC guidelines in hot water (71.1°C) with chlorine bleach, the loopback, made of 100% polyester, securely attaches to the frame even after laundering. The chlorine-resistant dye ensures superior colour-fastness throughout repeated washings.


Fits on HYGEN™ 45.7cm Quick Connect Frame (FGQ56000YL00)


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