Seko - DispenserONE Flexi - 10L, 17" Screen

Seko - DispenserONE Flexi - 10L, 17" Screen


Seko's DispenserONE Flexi, a versatile and innovative dispenser featuring a 10-liter capacity and a 43.2cm screen. Crafted for flexibility and convenience, the DispenserONE Flexi offers a large capacity for dispensing various liquids, such as hand sanitisers, soaps, or disinfectants. The 43.2 screen provides an intuitive interface for users, allowing for easy operation and interaction. Ideal for use in public spaces, healthcare facilities, hospitality venues, and more, the DispenserONE Flexi enhances hygiene practices and communication efforts.


10L capacity

43.2cm screen


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