Sorb-X Wipeout Heavy Duty

Sorb-X Wipeout Heavy Duty



The Sorb-X Wipeout Heavy Duty is a reliable and reusable wiper designed for heavy-duty cleaning tasks. Featuring convenient perforations for effortless tearing, it offers increased strength and superb absorbency compared to the Regular Wipeout Sorb-X range. With anti-bacterial properties for reduced germ growth, HACCP compliance, and colour-coded options (green, red, or blue), it combines convenience with advanced features. Its strength, absorbency, and low linting qualities make it a reliable choice for demanding cleaning needs. Upgrade to the state-of-the-art in heavy-duty cleaning with Sorb-X Blue Wipeout Heavy Duty.



112 Wipes/Roll

4 Rolls/Case

Sold in Rolls


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