Suprem Light - Small Shaped Pads

Suprem Light - Small Shaped Pads



The Suprem Light - Small Shaped Pads are crafted to provide effective and discreet protection for individuals managing moderate to heavy urinary incontinence. Its ultra-thin design offers maximum comfort and discretion without sacrificing absorbency. The absorbent core quickly locks away moisture, keeping the skin dry and minimising the risk of leaks and odours. The breathable outer layer enhances airflow, promoting skin health and reducing the likelihood of irritation. With its anatomical shape and adhesive strip, the Suprem Light range ensures a secure and comfortable fit, allowing for freedom of movement throughout the day.


28 Pads/Packet

10 Packets/Case


Mini - 220mls
Normal - 374mls
Extra - 600mls
Super - 830mls
Maxi - 1030mls


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